Biz Cred History

A little about me. I grew up and was raised by working class parents. It was not until my late teenage to young adult years when I was exposed to the business life.

My second job, well actually third if you count being a paperboy as a job, was an independently owned restaurant. With an ambitious attitude, I strove to learn everything about the restaurant business because I wanted to open one of my own one day. My boss at that time saw that in me and decided to take me under his wing to “show me the ropes” of the business world. I must say, it was;t what I initially thought it was. Especially learning from a person who came up from theĀ underground world.

So I learned a lot of “street smarts” of the business realm. The dark side of business was certainly brought to my attention. Looking back, I understand why he was a bit paranoid with who he did business with and almost always kept his guard up. There is a positive and negative in having that kind of viewpoint and mindset. But it was good to know about.

Later in my journey, fortunately I kept my mind open to other perspectives on business. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from various business owners who had towing service companies, accounting firms, limo businesses, mobile auto mechanic services, investing firms in both equity trading and real estate, so on and so forth.

I’ve learned from many paradigms of business from the good, great, bad, and the ugly. It all helped me to build my biz cred and helped me to be successful in my own business ventures.

My ventures was not all sunshine and rainbows though. But learning what I have learned definitely helped me to roll with the punches and eventually endure to reach success.

I’ve always held the mindset that I don’t know anything. This forced me to continue on learning from whatever source. I believe that is the mindset every entrepreneur should have when striving to succeed in their business ventures and ambitions.

That is one of the reasons why I’m creating this blog. Not to show off what I know and what I’ve accomplished. But to create another channel for people to learn from and to help build their biz cred and succeed in whatever it is they want.

So come back and get your biz cred here!

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