Selling Is The Name Of The Biz Game

How is your selling biz cred?

If you want to get into business, being able to sell is the name of the game. Now, when most people hear the terms “sales” and “selling”, there is a slight negative connotation to them. A hard ball, manipulative, fast talking salesperson usually jumps to mind when sales is brought up.

But in business, selling is much more than that. In fact, everyone is in sales. When you apply for a job, you’re selling. When you try to perform at work to acquire a raise, that’s selling. When you dress up for a hot date, yup, you’re selling yourself.

So, if you’re already a “salesperson” you might as well become the best salesperson you can be.

In business you’re selling your product, service, ideas, concepts, visions, competencies, expertise, partners, yourself, etc. Business and selling are synonymous. You can’t get away from it if you want to become a successful business owner or entrepreneur.

Selling was one thing that I dreaded in the beginning of my entrepreneur journey. I am an introverted personality type, so interacting with people and selling was a struggle for me. Even though I knew I could hire salespeople to sell what my business had to offer, I still had to sell what my business had to offer in order for those salespeople to to take interest in becoming a part of my business. There was no way to run from selling.

I was fortunate enough to have a mentor drill the importance of knowing how to sell into my brain and force me to face my fears of selling.

If you want to get into business, learning how to sell effectively is a must. I’m sure if you’ve done any amount of research on business you’ve heard this before. Well, I’m just confirming it on here as well. So get your sales biz cred up and sell, sell, sell!

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