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Ultimate Biz Cred: Grant Cardone

Since I spoke about selling as an essential part of business and in life in my last post, I’ll refer you to an awesome sales educator, author, and speaker, Grant Cardone.

A plumber friend of mine that has his own plumbing business in Hawaii turned me on to Grant. I’ve read his books and watched his videos. His biz cred is up there. He is sort of a motivational speaker/sales educator which makes him so appealing to learn from, a 2-for-1 deal in a “sales teacher”. He trains sales in a different perspective from what other typical teachers on sales teach.

Practical information delivered in 10x fashion, Grant Cardone, with the ultimate biz cred. Video: Continue reading 

Selling Is The Name Of The Biz Game

How is your selling biz cred?

If you want to get into business, being able to sell is the name of the game. Now, when most people hear the terms “sales” and “selling”, there is a slight negative connotation to them. A hard ball, manipulative, fast talking salesperson usually jumps to mind when sales is brought up.

But in business, selling is much more than that. In fact, everyone is in sales. When you apply for a job, you’re selling. When you try to perform at work to acquire a raise, that’s selling. When you dress up for a hot date, yup, you’re selling yourself.

So, if you’re already a “salesperson” you might as well become the best salesperson you can be.

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Biz Cred: The Financial Component

I come across tons of people who either have a business idea, want to create a business, even people that already have a business, that do not have any financial knowledge or education. It’s a bit bizarre but if you think about it, it’s not surprising.

If you’ve gone to public school here in the U.S., financial education is not a part of the school’s curriculum. So we, here in the U.S., are naive of financial knowledge to a very basic level. Best put, what majority of the people know Continue reading 

Strategies Of War Biz Cred

How’s your knowledge of war strategy?

Why do I ask?

Well, I told you there will be war on this business blog.

You see, I got inducted into business by a mentor that had “street smart” knowledge of business. He held a renegade type business mentality. And throughout the beginning of my “apprenticeship” into business, he exposed me to the dark side of business a bit – the cynical side.

Yes, business can be very cutthroat, power hungry, and domineering. I think that was the reason why my first mentor started me off by learning about the so called games that could be involved when going into business.

Naturally, there will always be power games being played in organizations of all sorts. The key is being conscious of the games that are being played to protect yourself from being trampled over by the power hungry. There will always be ulterior motives that people will fight to achieve even if they have to “kill” for it.

So, that’s why I’m starting off with war. My mentor introduced to me a book called The 33 Strategies Of War by Robert Greene. It’s a book followed by The 48 Laws Of Power also written by Robert Greene. These books are not about business per se, but it will inform you about the political and power games people play and will prepare you for the social experiences that you will inevitably come across.

In my opinion, anyone who follows the teachings in those books are bastards. The thing is, there are bastards out there and I recommend these reads not to promote you to be like them, but to protect yourself from being a victim of them.

You’ll learn the everyday power games people play whether if it’s in business, school, work, the accounting service office, etc., and you’ll be able to see through the manipulations and protect and advance your own position.

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Biz Cred History

A little about me. I grew up and was raised by working class parents. It was not until my late teenage to young adult years when I was exposed to the business life.

My second job, well actually third if you count being a paperboy as a job, was an independently owned restaurant. With an ambitious attitude, I strove to learn everything about the restaurant business because I wanted to open one of my own one day. My boss at that time saw that in me and decided to take me under his wing to “show me the ropes” of the business world. I must say, it was;t what I initially thought it was. Especially learning from a person who came up from the underground world.

So I learned a lot of “street smarts” of the business realm. The dark side of business was certainly brought to my attention. Looking back, I understand why he was a bit paranoid with who he did business with and almost always kept his guard up. There is a positive and negative in having that kind of viewpoint and mindset. But it was good to know about.

Later in my journey, fortunately I kept my mind open to other perspectives on business. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from various business owners who had towing service companies, accounting firms, limo businesses, mobile auto mechanic services, investing firms in both equity trading and real estate, so on and so forth.

I’ve learned from many paradigms of business from the Continue reading 

What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?

What does it take?

Biz cred!

But what is biz cred and how do you get it?

Well, you’ve heard of street cred right? This is biz cred – the know how, having what it takes, or ability of being an entrepreneur and or business person. You get it by coming to this blog!

The mission for this blog is to build credibility within us and the readers of this blog. We are always striving to learn (one mentality entrepreneurs should have) and we look to use this blog as a platform to do so.

This is not your typical business blog. If you want typical, and want to be typical, go ahead and find any other blog on business out there.

We’ll have open discussions from mindsets, financial foundations, to marketing, to war. Yes, war. Ever read the 33 Strategies Of War? No? Well come back here to build your biz cred!